So, according to a study (yeah, the famous *study* ), women speak almost 9,000 words a day (whereas men are just over 6k).  Since I have 3 girls, they seem to fill up most of the day with their chatter, leaving very little time for me to get a word in edgewise.  I really think I'm falling behind in my daily word quotient, so what better way for me to talk more, than to have a blog, right?  So, here it is!  I feel like I know so many awesome people thanks to LFR, but I only get to see most of you every 6 months.  I thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch in the mean time.  Who knows how well I'll keep up with it...but I'll try ;)  Don't expect me to have any massively profound thoughts...they don't come that often.  Do expect me to talk about LFR sometimes, not because I'm trying to push it, but because I'm obsessed and it consumes my thoughts through a large portion of the day (just ask my husband how many times I say, "So, I have an LFR thought...").  Also expect some fun LFR blog giveaways in the future, so keep an eye out :).


In the mean time, I just a little question about Valentine's Day...Do you have any FAMILY Valentine's Day traditions??  My sister always does super cute stuff, including presents and cookie decorating with her kids for Heart-Day.  Maybe I'm slacking as a mom, but I never have done anything for the kids for this "holiday" (my 8yr old asked me why they don't get the day off of school for the holiday LOL).  I dress them in pink, and they do their cards for school and such, but that's pretty much where we stop.  Do you have any fun stuff that I should try to adopt for next year?  Not that I'll remember it, but I'll try!


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