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FAQs - Shopper's FAQ's



What is a Little Feet Repeats event?

As a shopper, it's an event that happens only a few times a year where you can get fantastic bargains on new and/or gently used baby, children, and maternity items.  It is definitely a sale that you will want to come back to every time to stock up for your family!



When are your sales?

We will be having a Little Feet Repeats sale twice a year, once in the spring (normally around March or April) and once in the fall (normally around September or October), so mark it on your calendars! In 2015 we made the exciting decision to add a smaller Summer sale in June/July to give you an extra opportunity to earn some cash and save some cash on the great deals. Please make sure you are on our mailing list so that you don't miss an upcoming event!



Are the sales always in the same location?

No!  Because we are not a year-round store, it is very common for us to be in different spaces for the events.  Please make sure you know the location of the event that you are planning on attending.  You can always find the most current location and dates information on the website here. You can also like our Facebook page here to stay up to date with sale dates, events, giveaways and more.



Who runs this sale?

Little Feet Repeats was owned by Carla McCoy for 8 years and was sold in 2014 to Pamela Parnell, but is truly run by all of our Team Members, consignors and shoppers.  Without all of these wonderful people, this incredible sale would not exist!



Is this sale inside?

Yes, we will always be indoors. Typically in a space that was previously used as a now closed retail store.



Are there any entrance fees?

No! The sale is open to the public for free for 4 DAYS! You may come and look around and never pay a thing (though most people can't leave without taking advantage of at least a few of the awesome deals). You can however shop BEFORE the public by purchasing a savy shoppers pre-sale pass.


Do you have shopping carts?

No, unfortunately, since this is only a semi-annual sale, storing shopping carts is simply not practical.  We do try to provide you with large shopping bags, however you can also come prepared.  An excellent way is to bring a laundry basket, with a belt or rope attached to it, so that you can drag it behind you.  The deals can be overwhelming and you don't want to miss something because you can't hold anything else in your arms.



Can I bring my children?

While children are always welcomed, they aren't necessarily advised.  This sale can get very crowded and the lines can get long, so sometimes it's difficult to keep an eye on the kids.  If you do bring your children, you are responsible for keeping them with you at all times.  We suggest "wearing" little babies, and umbrella strollers for any larger children.  We will NOT accept full size strollers.  Only umbrella strollers will be allowed into the event, so please plan accordingly.



Can I bring my stroller with me to shop?

Because there are thousands of items and thousands of shoppers, it can oftentimes become very crowded.  For this reason, we do not allow shoppers to come in with any stroller larger than a "Snap n' Go" or umbrella stroller.  For simplicities purposes, here are the requirements we have for the definition of an umbrella stroller.  Anything that does not meet ALL of these standards, will not be allowed into the event.