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What is a Little Feet Repeats Team Member?

A Little Feet Repeats Team Member is someone who helps during the Little Feet Repeats event, under the direction of the Team Leads, in one or several different ways.  In exchange for helping during the event, the Team Member receives a presale shopping pass and, if consigning, a higher percentage back on their sold items. 



Is there a cost to become a Little Feet Repeats Team Member?

No.  It's absolutely free.  The only cost is your time and energy for a few hours at the event.



Who can become a Little Feet Repeats Team Member?

Anyone!  You don't even have to be a consignor!  You just have to be someone who enjoys a few hours with grown-up conversation and some good fun.



Do Little Feet Repeats Team Members get paid?

No. A Little Feet Repeats Team Member does not receive direct financial compensation for the work they perform with the event.  The Team Member does however receive a presale pass corresponding with the amount of hours they help at the event, plus if the Team Member is also a consignor, they will receive a higher percentage back on their sold items.    



Can I bring my child with me during my Team Member shift?

No, unfortunately we don't allow children with you while you're acting as a Team Member.  We do get very busy and need to make sure that we can have the full attention of all the Team Members in order to get through the event as smoothly as possible. NO EXCEPTIONS.



The shifts you have listed don't work with my schedule, can I work something different?

Possibly. Please just email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and let us know what hours you would like to work and we will see if we can work something out.



What will I be doing as a Team Member?

First, you will be having a great time! We will have snacks available and always try to make your shifts as fun as possible.  Second, your duties will depend on what type of shift you are helping with.  If you are helping during set-up or tear down, you will be helping build racks, get displays set up, tear down racks, sort leftover items, etc.  If you are helping during check-in time, you will be inspecting the items that come through the door and making sure they are the quality that Little Feet Repeats is looking for.  You will also help the consignor place the items in the appropriate location on the sales floor.  If you are helping during a sale day, you will be helping customers find the items they are looking for, keeping things looking neat and tidy, and helping with the overall success of the event.



Can my spouse or parent work for me and have it credited to my consignor number?

Yes!  We oftentimes have spouses or parents come and help with, or instead of, the consignor.  For example, if the spouse helps during one shift, and a parent helps during another shift, this is 2 shifts for the consignor and will get the consignor all the benefits for working those 2 shifts (higher percentage and earlier shopping time).  We especially LOVE having Husbands and Dads help during set-up or tear-down days.  If you are wanting to help WITH your spouse, this is not something that you can schedule through the website on your own.  You will have to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to have the system accept both people helping during the same shift to be credited to the same consignor number.  Keep in mind however, that because there's only 1 consignor, there will only be 1 presale shopping pass handed out.



Can I bring more than one person to the presale with my pass?

Generally, no.  Children are always welcome (though not necessarily advised), but the only other adult(s) you can bring with you are your spouse or your mom/mother-in-law.  We do not allow friends or other family members to come with you during the presale.  If they are wanting to attend the presale, please show them how to sign up for their own Team Member shifts and they can see how much fun it is for themselves :)