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Honestly, if you want to be really organized, you can make this Step1.  As your children outgrow their clothes, or they stop playing with their toys, it's time to sort through them for Little Feet Repeats.  Because the event happens every 6 months, it works best to have a system for storing your items during the off-season.  Some consignors use boxes, some use plastic totes and others use a spare closet.  Everyone has their own system to this, so please do it how it works best for you. 


A system that one of our consignors created for clothing is one of our favorites, and we've even created a form to work with it.  Here's how it works: 


When your child outgrows an item, wash it for one last time.  When you take it out of the dryer, hang it on a hanger and place it, face up, in a plastic tote that you have in the laundry room.  You then take the clipboard that you store with your tote, and make a quick note of the item on your Little List.  You then have a list, in order, of everything in that tote.  Thanks to your Little List, you can then easily sit down at the computer and enter everything into your online inventory.  Once your online inventory is completely entered, you print out your tags.  The magic of this system is that the tags are printed out in the order that the items are stored in the tote, so you can easily just flip through the clothing and attach the tags to your items.  You are then organized and D-O-N-E with your items until it's time to drop them off at the sale!  Yay!


Everyone will have a system that works for them, so please find what works best for you.  The one MAIN suggestion we have is DON'T WAIT UNITL THE LAST MINUTE.  When you wait until the inventory deadline date, you will become overwhelmed and more than likely miss many items that you could have sold to the sale.


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