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Now is the time when your organization will pay off!  It's time to enter your items into your online inventory system, put the price tags on them and prepare them for the sale!




The online inventory system is YOUR inventory.  This is the way that YOU can see what you have for sale and during the sale, you will be able to see what you have sold!  It's a very simple system as soon as you get in there :).  We have a wonderful video tutorial of the Consignor Login area (where you will enter your consigned items).  There's a wealth of information in this video so PLEASE take the time to watch it.  At the 5 minute mark, it will go into specifics of entering your inventory.  If you have already signed up for your Team Member shifts and drop-off appointment, simply skip to the 5 minute mark. 






Every item must be entered into the online inventory system and price tags must be placed on each item.  This is how you will get credit for the sale of your items!  Through the consignor login section, you may print your tags.  All tags must be printed on white, cardstock paper.  This can be picked up from any office supply or discount store.  We've found that Sam's Club is a great place for a large package of inexpensive cardstock paper.  Each 8 1/2 x 11 page will contain 10 price tags, so a 250 sheet package of cardstock can last you for quite some time! 

To attach your tags onto your clothing, you must use either a safety pin or a tagging gun.  If using a tagging gun, PLEASE place tags in clothing seams.  A tagging gun creates holes larger than a safety pin and we don't want to damage the items you are selling.  Tagging guns can be purchased here, but don't forget to buy the barbs found here to go with it!  If using safety pins, please don't use the small gold safety pins.  They are simply not large enough to hold the tags on well.  All safety pins larger than the little gold ones will work just fine.  A good selection of safety pins can be found here

 For information on exactly what you can bring and how you should tag them, please visit the Tagging Guidelines page.  TONS of wonderful information on that page.


Preparing Items:

All items must be entered onine, tagged with the barcoded price tag and then prepped ready for the sale.  Prepping your items simply means making sure they're ready to be placed on the sales floor.  All clothing must be on hangers, battery operated items must have batteries, and everything must be stain free, hole free and operational just like new.  Once that is done, you're ready to drop your items off!




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