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Thanks to our wonderfully generous Bakersfield consignors, we have a large amount of items that we donate to local charities.  In the past we have supported The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, Bakersfield Homeless Center, Jamison Center, Flood and many other organizations through these donations.  What we have learned through the years is that because of the size of our event, we oftentimes have too many items for a local charity to truly be able to put all of the items to good use.  Some of these organizations have had to actually turn down our offers in the past, just because they didn't have the man power to put them to use, which leads us to looking for other charities at the last minute.  In these economic times, many charities are short on monetary donations and we're hoping to help that with our new Dollar Dash for Charity!


This is open to CURRENT CONSIGNORS ONLY and will take place DURING consignor pick-up (Bakersfield events only)!  Everything that is marked "Donate" or that the consignor has told us to go ahead and donate, will be included in the Dollar Dash.  Every Single Item in the Dollar Dash is simply $1!  This is a CASH ONLY process and 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities (charities may vary each season, but will always remain local).  Because this will occur during consignor pick-up, if you are picking up any of your unsold items, you will take your items to your car first, then come back and be able to shop the Dollar Dash for Charity.  At the end of the Dollar Dash, any items leftover will then be donated directly to the local charities, along with the proceeds from the Dollar Dash.  This will give the charities a manageable amount of donated items, plus a monetary donation that they will be able to put to use in ways that would benefit their organization best. Remember, this is open to current consignors only.  No friends, no family.  If they would like to shop the Dollar Dash, they will need to become a registered consignor themselves.


This is something that we've been wanting to do for a very long time and have never had the opportunity for it...until now :).  We're very excited about it and hope that the consignors love it and that the charities benefit greatly from it.