Consignor Re-Stocking (Bakersfield only) PDF Print E-mail


The consignors have asked for it, the shoppers have asked for it, and now it's finally here (currently at Bakersfield events only).  We will now be able to receive NEW INVENTORY throughout the event!!!  This will give the consignors the opportunity to add even more to be sold throughout the event.  It will also give fresh, new inventory to shoppers, whenever the are there to shop.  


As a consignor, the inventory system will still lock, as usual, on the date designated on the Important Dates page.  There will be two different to options to take advantage of the Consignor Re-Stocking:


  1. If you got everything entered in the inventory, but you ran out of time to get it all tagged, or you missed the drop-off days for some reason, you will now be able to drop-off any NON-CLOTHING items during the Consignor Re-Stocking dates and times listed on the Important Dates page. Simply show up, on a first come, first serve basis and go through the normal drop-off process.

  2. If you found more NON-CLOTHING items that you wanted to consign, after the inventory system was locked, we will now have a computer designated for consignor item entering at the sale location, during the Consignor Re-Stocking dates and times.  This will allow to enter your items, during the sale, and then include them on the sales floor.

With both of these options, we will still have a normal drop-off process, where all items are inspected and you must help put them on the sales floor.  The Consignor Re-Stocking dates and times are 1st come, 1st serve, so please be prepared for a slight wait and know that we will make every effort to get you processed as quickly as possible.  Also please note that the Consignor Re-Stocking dates and times are normally AFTER both presale and the first open to the public days, so it's still wise to get all of your items in during drop-off times, to have them available for shoppers for the longest time, but if you're unable to, there is now another option :)