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Sign up for a drop-off appointment to drop off your tagged items at the sale location by logging into the "Consignor Login" section.  Drop-off times fill up quickly so make your appointment soon.  You may drop-off your items without an appointment, BUT consignors with appointments will be given first priority.


  • All items must be ready to put on the sales floor, with tags securely attached and all clothing on hangers.

  • Clothing MUST be organized by gender and size BEFORE your drop-off time.

  • You must allow time to assist Team Members in placing your items on the sales floor, in order to make the drop-off process flow smoothly.
  • Please schedule one drop-off appointment to bring your items down for inspection.  Please allow AT LEAST ONE HOUR for this appointment.  It doesn't always take this long, but it may, so please plan accordingly.   It is not advised for you to bring children during this.  The area is chaotic and busy, plus children often don't understand why the toys that they haven't used in at least a year, but all of a sudden love, are now being given away ;).


Here is the drop-off routine:


Step 1 - Fill out consignor paperwork while all items are being checked for stains, broken pieces, batteries, etc.


Step 2 - Take any items not accepted back to your car BEFORE helping the Team Members put your items on the sales floor. 


Step 3 - Begin helping the Team Members put your items out on the sales floor.  If you do NOT help place your items on the sales floor, your items will be set aside and will not be available for sale during the event. 


Step 4 - Once all items are put in their appropriate places, you are free to leave and wait for the sales updates every evening!!



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