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Getting Paid


  • As a consignor, your commission your sold items is 60%-72%. 

  • During the event, sales will be uploaded to the website every evening.  You may see this data by logging into the inventory area here.  These figures are NOT the official final results however.

  • LFR will send a check, to the mailing address we have for your consignor number, within approximately 2-3 weeks after consignor pickup, for your sales.




The standard commission is 60% on all of your sold items, HOWEVER, there are several ways to increase this all the way up to 72%.  If you are interested in any of these incentives, please contact us now.


  • Team Members.  We NEED Team Member Helpers!!!  When you help as a Team Member for one 3hr 30 min shift, you will earn 63%.  By helping as a Team Member for two shifts you will earn 67%, and helping as a Team Member for 3 shifts and you will earn 72%!! Becoming a Team Member is the ONLY way to get a Team Member presale pass and this could equal tremendous savings to you by getting first pick of all the great deals!  Remember, this sale can't happen without our Team Members - you make the sale possible & it's a lot of fun!  You don't need any special talents - if you enjoy talking to other parents and watching their faces when they realize what great deals they're getting, then this is perfect for you!  For details on how to become a Team Member and available shifts, click here.

  • Media Interviews.  If you work for, or know anyone that works in radio, television, newspaper, etc, and can get us an interview, you will earn a higher percentage!  Please contact Pamela  for the details!

Refer new Consignors 


The best source of new consignors for Little Feet Repeats is word of mouth!  Now it's time for us to reward both of you.  If you are a current consignor, and refer a new consignor, you will receive a $10 Little Feet Repeats shopping certificate for the current season.  All referrals must be new and never consigned with Little Feet Repeats in the past.  New consignor must drop-off their own items and sign their own consignor contract during drop-offs.   You may receive a maximum of $50 LFR certificates in each event season.  All referrals must be NEW consignors and they must consign at least 20 acceptable items, or $50 worth of acceptable merchandise.  VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS: All referrals MUST list you as a referral when registering as a new consignor.  They do this by choosing "Other" as the referral and then entering your consignor number and/or name at this point (if they don't choose "other" the text box info will NOT BE SAVED).  ALL referrals MUST do this when they register.  Unfortunately they cannot be counted as a referral at a later point.  You collect your gift certificate when you check-out during the current season.  Tell the cashier that you should have gift certificate credit and they will look up your information.  Remember, the more consignors there are, the more bargains will be available!