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Consigning with LFR can be a new, exciting and VERY rewarding experience, but we want to make sure that you know what to expect when you are doing it. 


Little Feet Repeats

"Typical" Consignment Store

EVERYTHING that's brought, as long as it's in GREAT condition will be accepted*

 VERY few items brought are actually accepted, due to limited space

Get back up to 72% return on your sold items

 Get back as little as 25% return on your sold items

FULL control over items price

 No control over items price

*Must fulfill LFR requirements (ie, related to children or pregnancy, not recalled, appropriate season, etc)


Here's a little run down of the process you get to experience when consigning with LFR:


  • All items must be entered into the inventory online.  If you do not have a consignor number yet, please go to "NEW Consignor Registration" here.

  • You must re-register before each event.  If you have not registered for the upcoming event yet, please login to the "Consignor Login" section here.

  • You may enter your inventory & print tags by logging in to the "Consignor Login" section.

  • You will need the following supplies:
         - Cardstock paper (white)
         - Scissors and/or paper cutter
         - Safety pins (1" or larger) and/or tagging gun (check
         - Clear packing tape

  • All prices must be in $.50 increments.  In other words, please use $2.50 or $3.00, but not $2.99.

  • Most items will be priced 1/4-1/3 of the original retail value.  When pricing your items, please ask yourself, "How much would I pay for this item?"  Remember that most consignor's ultimategoal is to clean out their closets and take back home as little as possible, so please price accordingly.  This is NOT yard sale pricing, but the items aren't new either, so just always keep this in the back of your mind :)