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As you go through the closets during the off-season, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of clothing you come across, that you want to get rid of.  One of the best money making opportunities for these items is obviously Little Feet Repeats however, as you know, it only happens twice a year.  So, how do you tame all of these things the rest of the time??  Become organized!!  
The goal Little Feet Repeats has for our consignors is to allow you to make the most money possible, as easily as possible, while cleaning out the house and getting rid of the clutter (run-on sentence is necessary to REALLY show you what our goal is :)).  Hopefully the MyLFR Little List will help you with this goal in between sales!  
Once you have downloaded the instructions, you may download the MyLFR Little List by clicking the image below:
Bakersfield Little Feet Repeats Consigning in the off-season