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Deals, deals and MORE deals!!


At any given event, there will be tens of thousands of items for your entire family.  The typical event will have everything from cribs to bicycles, clothing to bedding, toys to rockers, etc, etc, etc.  We accept clothing from preemie to size 20 in boys and size 9 in Junior girls. All children's clothing will be season appropriate, in other words, during the April event, there will be spring and summer clothing and during the October event, there will be fall and winter clothing.  The exception to this is maternity - all seasons of maternity clothing will be accepted.


When shopping at LFR, you can also expect something else....CROWDS and LINES.  Please be prepared to come with your patience!  We get everyone through the lines as quickly as humanly possibly, but the lines do get long, especially in the early hours of opening day.  People get there early to get the good deals.  Want to beat the crowds??  Become a Team Member to shop the earliest WITHOUT the crowds!



  • Due to space limitations, we highly recommend that you do not bring children to the event.  HOWEVER, if you do bring your children, the only strollers that will be allowed throughout the entire event are umbrella strollers or Snap n' Go strollers.  Baby carriers are obviously allowed and walking children are fine, but due to safety and security concerns, we will not allow full-size strollers throughout the entire event.  Please plan for the event accordingly :)

  • For simplicities purposes, here are the requirements we have for the definition of an umbrella stroller.  Anything that does not fit ALL of these points will not be allowed into the event:

Little Feet Repeats shopping stroller requirements 


  • Double strollers that fit these requirements WILL be allowed.