Why Advertise with LFR?

 Advertising  with Little Feet Repeats gives business owners a wonderful opportunity  to get their name and product out to local families.  It's not just  putting an ad in a newspaper - we give you the way to connect DIRECTLY  to the people!  Here's a few reasons to consider advertising with Little  Feet Repeats:  

  •  Unique and popular event among local families of all demographics

  •  Brand exclusivity is prided upon and upheld to high standards.

  •  Previous sponsors are always given first opportunity for future sponsorships.

  •  Sponsorship opportunities to fit every business and budget.

  •  Advertisement will be seen by moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even children.


Do  you have a business that you would like to advertise DIRECTLY to local  families??  Now is YOUR opportunity to be included in this event!

There are MANY different options, several of which are as low as $25, and ALL are geared toward local families. 

These  times are tough and since we are a family based business, we want to  help other businesses that help local families.  We want to make sure  that you have the best advertising options for the cheapest price, so we  have completely updated ALL of our advertising options and I bet you'll find them incredibly competitive and very effective for the local family market.  

Please    contact   Pamela at   (661)368-KIDS (368-5437)   or  pamela@littlefeetrepeats.com   for more   information   or to   reserve   your   spot!