Frequently Asked Questions

Shopper FAQs

 What is a Little Feet Repeats event?

As  a shopper, it's an event that happens only a few times a year where you  can get fantastic bargains on new and/or gently used baby, children,  and maternity items.  It is definitely a sale that you will want to come  back to every time to stock up for your family! 

 When are your sales?

We  will be having a Little Feet Repeats sale twice a year, once in the  spring (normally around March or April) and once in the fall (normally  around September or October), so mark it on your calendars! In 2015 we  made the exciting decision to add a smaller Summer sale in June/July to  give you an extra opportunity to earn some cash and save some cash on  the great deals. Please make sure you are on our mailing list so that you don't miss an upcoming event!  

Are the sales always in the same location?

No!   Because we are not a year-round store, it is very common for us to be  in different spaces for the events.  Please make sure you know the  location of the event that you are planning on attending.  You can  always find the most current location and dates information on the  website here. You can also like our Facebook page here to stay up to date with sale dates, events, giveaways and more.


Who runs this sale?

Little  Feet Repeats was owned by Carla McCoy for 8 years and was sold in 2014  to Pamela Parnell, but is truly run by all of our Team Members,  consignors and shoppers.  Without all of these wonderful people, this  incredible sale would not exist!  

Is this sale inside?

Yes, we will always be indoors. Typically in a space that was previously used as a now closed retail store. 


Are there any entrance fees? 

No! The  sale is open to the public for free for 4 DAYS! You may come and look  around and never pay a thing (though most people can't leave without  taking advantage of at least a few of the awesome deals). You can however shop BEFORE the public by purchasing a savy shoppers pre-sale pass.  

Do you have shopping carts?

 No,  unfortunately, since this is only a semi-annual sale, storing shopping  carts is simply not practical.  We do try to provide you with large  shopping bags, however you can also come prepared.  An excellent way is  to bring a laundry basket, with a belt or rope attached to it, so that  you can drag it behind you.  The deals can be overwhelming and you don't  want to miss something because you can't hold anything else in your  arms.

 Can I bring my children?

While  children are always welcomed, they aren't necessarily advised.  This  sale can get very crowded and the lines can get long, so sometimes it's  difficult to keep an eye on the kids.  If you do bring your children,  you are responsible for keeping them with you at all times.  We suggest  "wearing" little babies, and umbrella strollers for any larger  children.  We will NOT accept full size strollers.  Only umbrella strollers will be allowed into the event, so please plan accordingly.  

Can I bring my stroller with me to shop? 

Because  there are thousands of items and thousands of shoppers, it can  oftentimes become very crowded.  For this reason, we do not allow  shoppers to come in with any stroller larger than a "Snap n' Go" or  umbrella stroller.  For simplicities purposes, here are the requirements  we have for the definition of an umbrella stroller.  Anything that does  not meet ALL of these standards, will not be allowed into the event.  

Consinger FAQs

 Who can consign items at Little Feet Repeats?

Absolutely ANYONE who has good condition, baby, children or maternity items!


What items can I consign?

 We  will take almost any GOOD condition, baby children or maternity items.    Consign-able items will change depending on the time of the year for  each specific sale. 

 Is there a minimum or maximum amount of items that we can consign? 

We  request that consignors have a minimum of 20 items and/or $50 worth of  priced items in order to shop at the Consignor's Presale.  This is so  that everyone can take full advantage of the entire consignment  process.  There is absolutely no maximum - consign as much as you wish -  the more, the merrier!

  Where can I get inexpensive hangers for my clothing items?

Many  times you can get free hangers from local dry cleaners or simply by  asking the cashier at your local store.  Some are GREAT about giving you  the hangers that they have at their station, others will turn you down,  but there's no harm in asking!  As you ask around, you'll notice that  some stores are better than others at giving customers their hangers.   If you have exhausted all your free options and you are still needing  hangers, you can purchase them cheaply from Walmart, Target or Big Lots,  around 10/$1.25.  This works out to 12.5 cents per item, so just count  this into your pricing when you're pricing items (ie maybe add 50 cents  to each 3rd item to make up for the expense of the hangers).  Due to  time constraints during the check-out process, you won't receive your  hangers back on the items you sell, however if you shop the event, you  will receive hangers on the items that you purchase, so that's almost  like trading out hangers for you.  

  Do consignors get to shop before the public? 

 Yes!!  All consignors will receive a pass to the consignor's presale.  Visit the Private Presale Dates page for specifics on when the consignor's pre-sale will be.

  What fees are involved in consigning? 

There  is a small upfront, non-refundable, consignor registration fee that is  due when you register for the current event. $20.00 for the Fall &  Spring sales and $12.00 for the smaller summer sale. This is the ONLY  upfront fee you will pay.  At  the end of the event, you will then receive a percentage of your sold  items.  This percentage is anywhere from 60%-72%, depending on the  number of Team Members shifts you attend.  For details on how to get the  most commission you can, visit the Incentives section of the Sell Your Stuff page. consignors who work 3 shifts will be refunded 10 of there fee back if they completed there 3 shifts   

 How much do you suggest I price my items for?

 We  suggest starting at 1/4-1/3 of the original retail price.  Some items  could go for more, some would probably go for a little less.  Name  brand, in season items will probably earn a higher % than a generic, off  season item, so take that into account.  We strongly suggest that you  try to have only fall and winter clothes in the September/October sale  and keep the spring and summer clothes for the March/April sale - this  way you can get the best return on your items!

 Do you have a pricing strategy?

As  a consignor, YOU get to decide what your goal is in consigning with  LFR.  Some consignors just want to clean out their closets and make a  few bucks.  Other consignors won't accept anything lower than X dollars  for their items.  both strategies are perfectly fine and generally do  very well with Little Feet Repeats!  Here's a good example of the  thought process that you can use when going through your pricing:  

  • For  simplicities sake, let's say you have an item worth $20 brand new.   Immediately cut that price in half (50%), which brings it to $10.  You  then ask yourself a very important question:  "Would I, as a shopper,  knowing that this item US used and not knowing any emotional attachments  the seller may have on it (ie, the shopper can't see that cute holiday  picture your child took in the outfit, or doesn't have the memories of  racking the baby to sleep with that blanket), but is still in great  condition, pay this much for it."  If the answer is yes, the price it at  $10.  If the answer is No, then cut the price in half again (now at  25%), which brings our example to $5.  Ask yourself the same question  again.  This is generally pretty close to the average percentage for  clothing.  Baby equipment, furniture and such generally goes for a  higher percentage.  Play with the price a few bucks higher or a few  bucks lower, depending on your answer to the question and price it at  that.  This is a good, quick thought process that you can go through  when pricing your items.

  • The  GREAT thing about Little Feet Repeats is that there are TONS of items,  and many times there will be several of the exact same item.  When this  happens, the most inexpensive item will generally go first, but once  that is gone, the next shopper has no idea it was even there!  Because  they have an idea of the original price of the item, they know that  they're still getting a GREAT deal on the next higher priced item and  happily purchase the item (obviously this is a good reason to become a  Team Member, so that you can make sure to be one of the first to shop  for all the best deals).

  • Moral of the story - decide what goal you have and price accordingly :) 

What happens to my stuff that doesn't sell at the end of the sale?

After  the end of the sale, everything is gathered up and sorted into  consignor numbers.  You may either donate your items to the charity that  we're working with, or pick them up yourself.  If you choose to pick up  your items, they MUST be picked up by the date and time that is listed  on the Important Dates page.  Things  not picked up by that time will automatically go to charity.   Unfortunately we are unable to hold any items, so please make sure you  pick them up if you are wanting to.  If you are unable to make the  pickup time, you may send a friend/relative with you to pick up your  items, please just make sure they have your name AND your consignor  number.  Little Feet Repeats only accepts new and/or gently used items.  What exactly does that mean? It  means that we will only take items in GOOD condition.  We won't accept  ANY stained, ripped, out of style, broken/missing pieces, items.  We  pride ourselves in good quality items and want to make sure that your  buyers come back year after year and receive the quality that they  expect!  We will be VERY strict about this during the check-in process,  so please check your items before you go through the hassle of tagging  them and bringing them to the sale.  We don't want to have to turn them  away when you get there, but we definitely will.

  Is there any other way to tag my items, besides online?No,  there's not.  We require that all items are tagged online, then printed  out because it makes the entire process MUCH quicker and smoother.  By  having an online inventory, we can have the smoothest check-in process  for our consignors available.   Plus, by having everything barcoded and  inventoried online, it makes the check-out process for our buyers MUCH  quicker!  Plus 9and this may be the biggest to many of you), it makes  the reconciliation process at the end of the sale much faster which  means you receive your checks in the shortest amount of time possible  (generally 2 weeks).  

What does the "Check to Discount" box mean when I'm entering my items?

This  is where you tell us whether you would like your items discounted on  the discount day(s) (possibly 25% and/or 50% off, depending on the sale,  check with the Important Dates  page to see what discount days will apply for the current sale).  If  you check this box, your tag will be marked with a code that lets the  shopper AND cashier know that that particular item is discounted if it  is still left on discount day(s).  Little Feet Repeats HIGHLY suggests  discounting as many items as you can.  What we've found through the  years is that most shoppers will shop during the regular sale and then  come back on discount day(s) to see what bare bones bargains they can  find.  Most shoppers will simply gloss over the non-discounted items on  discount day(s), which can take many hours of potential sales away from  your items.  Since  all of these items are things that you no longer use, strongly consider  how much you want them back in your home if you don't discount them. 


Team Member FAQs

 What is a Little Feet Repeats Team Member?

A  Little Feet Repeats Team Member is someone who helps during the Little  Feet Repeats event, under the direction of the Team Leads, in one or  several different ways.  In exchange for helping during the event, the  Team Member receives a presale shopping pass and, if consigning, a  higher percentage back on their sold items.  

 Is there a cost to become a Little Feet Repeats Team Member?

No.  It's absolutely free.  The only cost is your time and energy for a few hours at the event.  

Who can become a Little Feet Repeats Team Member? 

Anyone!   You don't even have to be a consignor!  You just have to be someone who  enjoys a few hours with grown-up conversation and some good fun. 

 Do Little Feet Repeats Team Members get paid?

No. A  Little Feet Repeats Team Member does not receive direct financial  compensation for the work they perform with the event.  The Team Member  does however receive a presale pass corresponding with the amount of  hours they help at the event, plus if the Team Member is also a  consignor, they will receive a higher percentage back on their sold  items.      

Can I bring my child with me during my Team Member shift?

No,  unfortunately we don't allow children with you while you're acting as a  Team Member.  We do get very busy and need to make sure that we can  have the full attention of all the Team Members in order to get through  the event as smoothly as possible. NO EXCEPTIONS.   The shifts you have listed don't work with my schedule, can I work something different?Possibly. Please just email us at  and let us know what hours you would like to work and we will see if we can work something out.  

 What will I be doing as a Team Member?

First,  you will be having a great time! We will have snacks available and  always try to make your shifts as fun as possible.  Second, your duties  will depend on what type of shift you are helping with.  If you are  helping during set-up or tear down, you will be helping build racks, get  displays set up, tear down racks, sort leftover items, etc.  If you are  helping during check-in time, you will be inspecting the items that  come through the door and making sure they are the quality that Little  Feet Repeats is looking for.  You will also help the consignor place the  items in the appropriate location on the sales floor.  If you are  helping during a sale day, you will be helping customers find the items  they are looking for, keeping things looking neat and tidy, and helping  with the overall success of the event.   

Can my spouse or parent work for me and have it credited to my consignor number?

Yes!   We oftentimes have spouses or parents come and help with, or instead  of, the consignor.  For example, if the spouse helps during one shift,  and a parent helps during another shift, this is 2 shifts for the  consignor and will get the consignor all the benefits for working those 2  shifts (higher percentage and earlier shopping time).  We especially  LOVE having Husbands and Dads help during set-up or tear-down days.  If  you are wanting to help WITH your spouse, this is not something that you  can schedule through the website on your own.  You will have to  email us at   to have the system accept both people helping during the same shift to  be credited to the same consignor number.  Keep in mind however, that  because there's only 1 consignor, there will only be 1 presale shopping  pass handed out.   

Can I bring more than one person to the presale with my pass? 

Generally,  no.  Children are always welcome (though not necessarily advised), but  the only other adult(s) you can bring with you are your spouse or your  mom/mother-in-law.  We do not allow friends or other family members to come with you during the presale

  If they are wanting to attend the presale, please show them how to sign  up for their own Team Member shifts and they can see how much fun it is  for themselves :)