CONSIGNING consignment

Step 1: Register

 To begin the  consigning process, you must first register for the upcoming event and  pay your, non-refundable consignor registraton fee ($20 Bakersfield).   ~Online (credit card or Paypal account needed).         If you don't receive confirmation of your registration within 10 minutes, please   email us .  

NEW Consignors Register here. 

PREVIOUS Consignors Register here. consignment

Step 2: Gather your childrens unused/outgrown items

 Honestly, if  you want to be really organized, you can make this Step1.  As your  children outgrow their clothes, or they stop playing with their toys,  it's time to sort through them for Little Feet Repeats.  Because the  event happens every 6 months, it works best to have a system for storing  your items during the off-season.  Some consignors use boxes, some use  plastic totes and others use a spare closet.  Everyone has their own  system to this, so please do it how it works best for you.  A  system that one of our consignors created for clothing is one of our  favorites, and we've even created a form to work with it.  Here's how it  works:  When  your child outgrows an item, wash it for one last time.  When you take  it out of the dryer, hang it on a hanger and place it, face up, in a  plastic tote that you have in the laundry room.  You then take the  clipboard that you store with your tote, and make a quick note of the  item on your Little List.  You then have a list, in order, of everything in that tote.  Thanks to your Little List,  you can then easily sit down at the computer and enter everything into  your online inventory.  Once your online inventory is completely  entered, you print out your tags.  The magic of this system is that the  tags are printed out in the order that the items are stored in the tote,  so you can easily just flip through the clothing and attach the tags to  your items.  You are then organized and D-O-N-E with your items until  it's time to drop them off at the sale!  Yay! Everyone  will have a system that works for them, so please find what works best  for you.  The one MAIN suggestion we have is DON'T WAIT UNITL THE LAST  MINUTE.  When you wait until the inventory deadline date, you will  become overwhelmed and more than likely miss many items that you could  have sold to the sale. 

Step 3: Inventory, Tag & Prepare your items

 Now is the  time when your organization will pay off!  It's time to enter your items  into your online inventory system, put the price tags on them and  prepare them for the sale! Inventorying: 

The  online inventory system is YOUR inventory.  This is the way that YOU  can see what you have for sale and during the sale, you will be able to  see what you have sold!  It's a very simple system as soon as you get in  there :).  We have a wonderful video tutorial of the Consignor Login  area (where you will enter your consigned items).  There's a wealth of  information in this video so PLEASE take the time to watch it.  At the 5  minute mark, it will go into specifics of entering your inventory.  If  you have already signed up for your Team Member shifts and drop-off  appointment, simply skip to the 5 minute mark. 


Every item  must be entered into the online inventory system and price tags must be  placed on each item.  This is how you will get credit for the sale of  your items!  Through the consignor login section, you may print your  tags.  All tags must be printed on white, cardstock paper.  This can be  picked up from any office supply or discount store.  We've found that  Sam's Club is a great place for a large package of inexpensive cardstock paper.  Each 8 1/2 x 11 page will contain 10 price tags, so a 250 sheet package of cardstock can last you for quite some time! 
To  attach your tags onto your clothing, you must use either a safety pin  or a tagging gun.  If using a tagging gun, PLEASE place tags in clothing  seams.  A tagging gun creates holes larger than a safety pin and we  don't want to damage the items you are selling.  Tagging guns can be purchased here, but don't forget to buy the barbs found here  to go with it!  If using safety pins, please don't use the small gold  safety pins.  They are simply not large enough to hold the tags on  well.  All safety pins larger than the little gold ones will work just  fine.  A good selection of safety pins can be found here.   For information on exactly what you can bring and how you should tag them, please visit the Tagging Guidelines page.  TONS of wonderful information on that page. 

Preparing Items:

All  items must be entered onine, tagged with the barcoded price tag and  then prepped ready for the sale.  Prepping your items simply means  making sure they're ready to be placed on the sales floor.  All clothing  must be on hangers, battery operated items must have batteries, and  everything must be stain free, hole free and operational just like new.   Once that is done, you're ready to drop your items off!

Step 4: Drop - Off Items

 PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST ONE HOUR FOR DROP-OFF! Sign up for a drop-off appointment to drop off your tagged items at the sale location by logging into the "Consignor Login"  section.  Drop-off times fill up quickly so make your appointment soon.   You may drop-off your items without an appointment, BUT consignors  with appointments will be given first priority. 

  • All items must be ready to put on the sales floor, with tags securely attached and all clothing on hangers.

  • Clothing MUST be organized by gender and size BEFORE your drop-off time.

  • You  must allow time to assist Team Members in placing your items on the  sales floor, in order to make the drop-off process flow smoothly.

  • Please  schedule one drop-off appointment to bring your items down for  inspection.  Please allow AT LEAST ONE HOUR for this appointment.  It  doesn't always take this long, but it may, so please plan accordingly.    It is not advised for you to bring children during this.  The area is  chaotic and busy, plus children often don't understand why the toys that  they haven't used in at least a year, but all of a sudden love, are now  being given away ;).

Here is the drop-off routine: Step 1 - Fill out consignor paperwork while all items are being checked for stains, broken pieces, batteries, etc. Step 2 - Take any items not accepted back to your car BEFORE helping the Team Members put your items on the sales floor. 
Step 3 -  Begin helping the Team Members put your items out on the sales floor.   If you do NOT help place your items on the sales floor, your items will  be set aside and will not be available for sale during the event.  Step 4 - Once all items are put in their appropriate places, you are free to leave and wait for the sales updates every evening!! 

Step 5: If Interested Volunteer

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Step 6: Getting Paid

 Getting Paid 

  • As a consignor, your commission your sold items is 60%-72%. 

  • During the event, sales will be uploaded to the website every evening.  You may see this data by logging into the inventory area here.  These figures are NOT the official final results however.

  • LFR  will send a check, to the mailing address we have for your consignor  number, within approximately 2-3 weeks after consignor pickup, for your  sales.

Incentives The  standard commission is 60% on all of your sold items, HOWEVER, there  are several ways to increase this all the way up to 72%.  If you are  interested in any of these incentives, please contact us now. 

  • Become a Team Member.   We NEED Team Members!!!  When you help as a Team Member, for one  3hr 30 min shift, you will earn 63%, and by helping as a Team Member for  two shifts you will earn 67%, and helping as a Team Member for 3 shifts  and you will earn 72%!! Being a Team Member is the ONLY way to get a  Team Member presale pass and this could equal tremendous savings to you  by getting first pick of all the great deals!  Remember, this sale can't  happen without our wonderful Team Members - they make the sale possible  & it's a lot of fun!  You don't need any special talents - if you  enjoy talking to other parents and watching their faces when they  realize what great deals they're getting, then this is perfect for you!   For details on how to become a Team Member and the available shifts, click here.

  • Media Interviews.   If you work for, or know anyone that works in radio, television,  newspaper, etc, and can get us an interview, you will earn a higher  percentage!  Please contact Pamela for the details!

Refer new Consignors  The  best source of new consignors for Little Feet Repeats is word of  mouth!  Now it's time for us to reward both of you.  If you are a  current consignor, and refer a new consignor, you will receive a $10  Little Feet Repeats shopping certificate for the current season.  All  referrals must be new and never consigned with Little Feet Repeats in  the past.  New consignor must drop-off their own items and sign their  own consignor contract during drop-offs.   You may receive a maximum of  $50 LFR certificates in each event season.  All referrals must be NEW  consignors and they must consign at least 20 acceptable items, or $50  worth of acceptable merchandise.  VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS: All referrals MUST  list you as a referral when registering as a new consignor.  They do  this by choosing "Other" as the referral and then entering your consignor number and/or name at this point (if they don't choose "other" the text box info will NOT BE SAVED).  ALL referrals MUST do this when they register.  Unfortunately  they cannot be counted as a referral at a later point.  You collect  your gift certificate when you check-out during the current season.   Tell the cashier that you should have gift certificate credit and they  will look up your information.  Remember, the more consignors there are, the more bargains will be available! 

Tagging Guidelines

 Baby  Gear
(Strollers, exersaucers, bouncy seats, high chairs, walkers, pack n' plays, baby carriers, swings, etc.)

  • Use safety pins to attach tags to material or clear packing tape to attach to plastic parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • All baby gear should be assembled and ready for display, with all instructions available if possible 

(All books, movies  (DVD/VHS), music CDs and tapes)

  • Use packing tape to attach tag to outside of books and or movies, etc

  • To  create sets, group similar items together in zipper baggies and tape  the tag to OUTSIDE of baggie, WITHOUT taping over the barcode.

  • DVDs & CDs must be in like new, viewable condition, in their original case, with no skipping while viewing it.

 Car Seats
(Infant seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats)

  • Use safety pins to attach tags to material or clear packing tap to attach to plastic parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • Car seat must have Car Seat Checklist form filled out and be included with car seat during drop-off time.

  • Car Seats must NEVER have had any recalls on it - you MUST check or call 1-800-638-2772 to check for recalls on car seats.

  • Car seat and all straps must be cleaned thoroughly and in like-new condition.

(Dresses, outfits, costumes, dress-up clothes, school uniforms, belts, hats, purses, shoes, slippers, etc.)

  • Please take the time to launder and/or iron the clothing if necessary.

  • All  clothing must be hung on hangers and children's clothes approximately  size 5 and under should be on children's hangers.  Hangers may not be  returned at the end of the sale, so please don't use your good hangers.

  • When  looking at the item, the hanger should be facing the left (ie like a  question ? mark) and the tag should be on the upper right side, as in  the pictures below: 


  • If using a tagging gun, please attach tag to seams to avoid damaging the garment.

  • $2  rule: If you have a single clothing item that you value at less than  $2, please group it together with like items so that they will equal a  value of at least $2.

  • Complete outfits sell better than single pieces, so please keep that in mind when listing your items.

  • If grouping an outfit, ALL pieces in the set MUST be the same size!  

  • Items  may be pinned together on a hanger.  Safety pin all sets and  accessories securely together with pants hung on the back of the shirt.   Both pieces need to be viewable without  unpinning them.  LFR is not responsible for lost or unsold items because they get separated from their set.

  • Pants  must be pinned to a hanger or use a pants' hanger - DO NOT fold pants  over a regular hanger as they will end up on the floor.  If pinning to a  regular hanger - put the pants on the top part of the hanger (as shown  in picture above), not the bottom part, to prevent pants from sliding to  the side.

  • Small  articles of clothing, such as groups of socks, sets of onesies, etc.  may be grouped together with a larger safety pin.  PLEASE NO BAGGIES.   This way customers are able to check the condition of all items  included in the group.

  • Little girls newborn to size 16 and Juniors size 1-11, in TEEN styles only.

  • Little boys newborn to size 20

  • All clothing must be in EXCELLENT  condition with no signs of wear and no damage such as tears, holes,  missing buttons, dysfunctional zippers, stains, broken or missing  pieces, etc.

  • Because  this is a seasonal sale, and because we have limited space, we require  ALL CHILDREN'S CLOTHING to be for the current season (ie spring/summer  clothes in the March/April sale and fall/winter clothes in the  September/October sale).  NOTE: This rule DOES NOT apply to Maternity Clothing.

  • Spring/Summer UNACCEPTABLE  children's clothing is jackets, long sleeved shirts, sweaters,  Halloween costumes, tights, winter boots, etc. (long pants are ok).

  • Fall/Winter  UNACCEPTABLE children's clothing is shorts, swimsuits,  tank-top/sleeveless shirts/dresses (short sleeves are ok), sandals, etc.

Furniture - Cribs Only(Cribs, beds, changing tables, dressers, toy boxes, kid tables, rocking chairs, etc.)

  • In regards to CRIBS specifically - In order to insure compliance with new CPSC requirements, Little Feet Repeats will ONLY be accepting cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011 for exceptions. 

  • Use clear packing tape to attach tag to plastic/wood parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).
  • All other furniture pieces, including cribs, should be assembled and ready for display.

Furniture - All Children's furniture other than cribs
(beds, changing tables, dressers, toy boxes, kid tables, rocking chairs, etc.)

  • Use clear packing tape to attach tag to plastic/wood parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).
  • All  other furniture pieces, including cribs, should be assembled and ready  for display, with all instructions available if possible.

Furniture - All household
(entertainment centers, kitchen tables, master bedroom furniture, desks, bookcases, etc.)

  • Use clear packing tape to attach tag to plastic/wood parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • Furniture is expected to be in good condition.
  • All other furniture pieces, should be assembled and ready for display, with all instructions available if possible.

Linen  Items
(Crib sheets, twin sheet sets, bedding sets,  comforters, blankets, etc.)

  • Use safety pins to attach tags to material or clear packing tape to attach to plastic parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • Display  bedding sets on hangers with all parts/pieces visible.  Use large  safety pins to make sure that all pieces stay together.

  • Sheets, blankets, etc should be folded for display on tables.

  • All linen items should be laundered appropriately and be in excellent, like new condition.

Home Decor
(lamps, wall hangings, etc.)

  • Use clear packing tape to attach tag to plastic/wood parts (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • LFR is not responsible for broken items, so please bring glass items at your own risk.
  • Home  Decor does NOT include random household items such as kitchen  appliances, household misc items, etc.  It is for DECOR type items only.

Maternity  Clothes
(Maternity pants, shirts, dresses, etc)

  • Please review clothing section for details on tagging Maternity clothing.

  • All season of maternity items will be accepted.

Nursery/Baby  Items
(Monitors,  bottles, breast pumps, diaper pails, sippy cups, pacifiers, diaper  bags, mobiles, lamps, decorations, bathtubs, activity blankets, etc.)

  •  Group sets together in zipper baggies and use clear packing tape to  attach tag to OUTSIDE of the zipper case (WITHOUT taping over the  barcode).

  • All items must be in perfect working order and include batteries if appropriate.

  • All feeding items (breast pumps, sippy cubs, bottles, pacifiers, etc) must be well sterilized and in like new condition.

Outdoor Play  Equipment
(Playhouses, yard toys, sand boxes, bicycles, ride-ons, scooters, sporting equipment, etc.)

  • Attach tags to hard surfaces with clear packing tape, WITHOUT taping over the barcode.

  • All outside play equipment must be well cleaned and in good condition. 

(Children shoes of all sizes)

  • Shoes must be in EXCELLENT condition FREE from debris and wear.

  • A  pair of shoes may be placed together in a zipper baggie and the the tag  placed on the OUTSIDE of the baggie (WITHOUT taping over the barcode).

  • A  pair of shoes may also be grouped together with safety pins or  zip-ties, then place the tag on using a safety pin or a tagging gun. 

  • Shoes  must follow seasonal requirements, which means no sandals or flip-flops  during the fall/winter sale and no winter boots during the  spring/summer sale.

Stuffed Animals
(Name brand and/or 'character' stuffed animals)

  • Attach tags to stuffed animals using safety pins or tagging gun.

  • Limit of TEN stuffed animals per consignor

  • All  stuffed animals must be in EXCELLENT condition AND must be either a  name brand (beanie baby, etc.) or a 'character' (dora, winnie the pooh,  etc)

(Dolls, trucks, action figures, legos, games (board, computer and  video), electronic toys, puzzles,  pull toys, etc.)

  • Group pieces and like items together in zipper baggies.

  • Attach tags to hard surfaces using clear packing tape, WITHOUT taping over the barcode.

  • Tape puzzles and game boxes closed with clear packing tape.

  • Please include small toys (ie McDonald's toys) in a grab-bag type collection, where multiple toys are in a sealed zipper baggie.

  • All battery operated toys MUST include batteries and will be inspected at drop-off

  • All games, puzzles, toys, etc. must include ALL pieces and be in perfect working order.