Become an LFR Team Member

 Becoming  a Team Member with Little Feet Repeats is fun and rewarding!!  This  sale would NOT work without our Team Members!   We need people to help  with everything from set-up, working through the sale, to tear down.   Bring your husband (especially helpful during set up & tear down)  to count for credit for you!  To sign up for available shifts, click here.  If you do not see a shift that will work for you, please email us to see if we can make a shift that works with your schedule.   You do NOT have to be a consignor to be a Team Member - ANYONE may help!  The more the merrier!!    Unfortunately,  Team Members must come without their children.  Because of the nature  of the event we must have the full attention of the Team Member and this  is impossible when they are attempting to work with their child(ren).   We rely heavily on our Team Members to help the customers and keep the  event running smoothly and if we were to allow everyone to bring their  children, the event would fail quickly.  I hope you understand!  Please  remember that if one of the shifts we have listed will not work with  your schedule, please email us to see if we can make a shift that works with your schedule. 

Team Member Perks

 Helping as a Team Member with LFR is the  perfect way to earn more $$ on your sold items and to shop BEFORE the  public.  The more shifts you help with (approx 3 hr 30 min shifts), the  earlier you get to shop and the larger your check will be!  Consigning without being a Team Member

  • 60% return on your sales
  • 4th presale shopping entry time

1-Shift Team Member

  • 63% return on your sales
  • 3rd presale shopping entry time

2-Shift Team Member

  • 67% return on your sales
  • 2nd presale shopping entry time 

3-Shift Team Member

  • 72% return on your sales
  • Earliest presale shopping entry time
  • Earliest 50% off presale shopping entry time


  • Every  Team Member must attend and work their full Team Member shift (normally  3 hr and 30 min) so that the Little Feet Repeats event can continue to  run as smooth and efficient as possible.   If working 2+ shifts in a  row, the overlap is allowed and still considered 2+ shifts.
  • Team  Member duties will vary depending on the day and shift.  If you have  any physical limitations, please contact LFR prior to signing up for a  shift so that we can give you information to make a well informed  decision on which shift is best for you.
  • Team Members must be at least 16 years of age or older and an active assistant at the event.   Simply showing up is not enough.  ALL Team Members must be helpful and work the full shift.
  • Because  we rely on our Team Members so strongly, Team Members may not bring  children under age 12 with them to help.  Please find other care for  your children during your Team Member shift.


  • Water  and small snacks may be available to Team Members.  Meals may be  delivered randomly throughout the day, but they are designated FIRST for  LFR Staff and Team Leads that are at the event throughout the entire  day.  Once ALL Staff has had a chance to eat the meal, meals will then  be offered to those Team Members who are helping for multiple shifts.   Finally, meals may be offered to everyone else.  
  • LFR  relies heavily on ALL Team Members and as such we need your undivided  attention.  Please keep phone calls and texts for emergencies only.
  • LFR  Team Members are a representative of LFR.  Please be kind, courteous  and respectful of all other Team Members and shoppers at the event.  If  you need assistance, please speak with a LFR Team Lead or LFR Staff.
  • At  the beginning of your Team Member shift, you will be directed to your  station and given a summary of your duties.  If you have any questions,  don’t feel comfortable in your position, or would like to be moved to a  different position, please speak with LFR Staff or Team Lead so that we  can help you.  We want you to be able to enjoy your Team Member  experience as much as possible.
  • Team  Members understand that they are choosing to exchange their 3 hr, 30  minute shift time(s) helping at the Little Feet Repeats Sales for the  higher consignor percentage designated on this page: and for the privilege of shopping during the Day-Before-the- Public-Presale shopping time(s) listed here: 
  • Team  Members can go on the Little Feet Repeats website to cancel their shift  or switch to a different shift until the deadline of January 5, 2019 at 10:00pm.
  • Team Members must be on time and fulfill their entire shift in order to reap the benefits and escape the consequences of the Team Member Agreement.
  • After the deadline, Team Members have the following options if they are unable to make their shift:

 1) Find  a suitable replacement on their behalf. If the substitute fulfills the  shift, the Team Member will still receive their full earnings percentage  and will not receive any penalties toward helping at future events. 2) Call Pamela at (661) 368-5437 or email her at  to switch to a different, available shift. Due to the late notice, shifts may have very limited availability.  If a Team Member is able to reschedule a shift to an available shift  and fulfills that entire shift, they will receive their full earnings  percentage and will not receive any penalties toward helping at future  events. 3) If  a Team Member is unable to find a suitable replacement and does not  have the option of switching to a different shift, they can avoid being  banned from future LFR Team Member shifts by bringing a $28 cash (per  shift missing) to the sale location (or paying via Paypal) before the  end of the sale (preferably more than 24 hours before their assigned  shift). The LFR Staff will then seek to hire a replacement on their  behalf.   This is simply a fee for missing the shift that the Team  Member committed to.  The consignor will still lose any potential higher  consignor percentage.

  • In  the event a Team Member does not fulfill their obligation, send a  suitable replacement, or pay $28 for a replacement to be hired on their  behalf, the Team Member consignment earning percentage will be knocked  down to 60% and they will be placed on the Prohibited Team Member list  and will not be allowed to help at future Little Feet Repeats events  until the $28 per missed shift fee has been paid.
  • Consignors  who have not fulfilled a shift in the past and were placed on the  Prohibited Team Members List may be reinstated as a potential Team  Member by paying a $28/shift fee, which is basically a replacement Team  Member fee at $8/hr for the 3 hr, 30 min shift. Once the fee is paid,  the consignor will be cleared from their prohibited status and be  allowed to help at future events. Contact Pamela for more details.

 To view the Team Member shifts available for the location nearest you, please click on the following link.  By clicking on this link you are agreeing to the agreement listed above.Click here to view Bakersfield Team Member Shifts